This surgery allows to eliminate the skin excess and fat accumulated in the upper part of the arms. The skin of this area has several problems; it is tremendously thin, has little elasticity and is not exactly vulnerable to exercise.

¿What does it consist of?

 Therefore, the last alternative available to correct for sagging in this area is brachioplasty, with which the excess of skin and fat are eliminated to restore the shape of the arm.  

This surgery has various forms, which are differentiated according to the type of cut made. Selecting the type of cut will depend on the excess of skin and fat accumulated that the patient has.   

Esta cirugía tiene varias modalidades las cuales se diferencian de acuerdo al tipo de incisión que se realice. La selección del tipo de incisión dependerá de la cantidad de exceso de piel y grasa acumulada que tenga el paciente.

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