Dr. Carlos Alberto Ríos

Dr. Carlos Alberto Ríos is a Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon. He has stood out for being a pioneer in safe and effective techniques for biopolymers removal, procedures that also have allowed to carry out awareness and education work to their patients and to the public at world level. 


Dr. Carlos Ríos is Surgeon of the University Libre of Colombia, located in the city of Cali (1997). He accomplished his General Surgery service in the “Hospital Santa Casa da Misericordia do Rio de Janeiro” (Period 1999 -2001).

Subsequently, he does a specialization in Aesthetic and Reconstructive Plastic Surgery and Hand Surgery (2001-2004).

The medical residency for this specialization was also accomplished in the “Hospital Santa Casa da Misericórdia do Rio de Janeiro”.

In year 2004 he ends the specialization in Aesthetic and Reconstructive Plastic Surgery, carrying out also post-graduation studies in plastic-aesthetic surgery in the University Gama Filho from Brasil



During his service process in the Hospital Santa Casa da Misericórdia do Rio de Janeiro, he had the opportunity to know cases of patients with severe swelling conditions, as a consequence of modeling substances in the gluteus. 

The great majority of these patients belong to the LGBT community (a large portion  were transvestite and transsexuals), who were ignored by the medicine due to several aspects, between them: no previous precedents, background or investigations existed over this type of cases and therefore the medical approach remained unknown for these patients. There were no scientific evidence precisely because great portion of those affected were considered as irresponsible persons that decided to inject themselves with “anything” to change or improve their body.  

Twenty (20) years ago this was the overall picture about the biopolymers. Currently, there are very few doctors dedicated to care for these patients, because in year 2003 the plastic surgeon doctors were really rare that studied and treated affected persons and/or biopolymers’ victims.

This matter came in to attention of Dr. Carlos Ríos and decided to initiate investigation and approach processes for these patients.

Know about all the diseases that biopolymers produce

To date, it has been more than 18 years managing patients with biopolymers and during this time he has refined the biopolymers removal technique. Currently, treats patients with biopolymers that have migrated to the lumbar region, intramuscular, ischiorectal fossae, genitalia, hips, calves and face. 

Sharing Knowledge.

Dr. Carlos Alberto Ríos also is speaker of brands like Allergan  (botox  and  juvederm) and Motiva (silicone implants)

He has also participated in international conferences, teaching his technique to his colleagues, plastic surgeons, exposing investigation advances over the consequences of the injection of illicit substances, also known as biopolymers. 

As knowing the reality of the victims of biopolymers and the little attention given to this topic, Dr. Carlos Ríos has been promoting debate and creation of draft laws that could establish solutions, as prohibition of its use and free access to the health service of all the countries.  como la prohibición de su uso y el libre acceso a los servicios de salud de todos los países. The purpose of these efforts is to achieve that this disease can be considered as public health problem. 

Advances, studies and investigations.

Dr. Carlos Ríos is carrying out investigation projects about the biopolymers and the consequences they have in the carriers. These studies are undertaken in collaboration with the Colombian government, jointly with specialists in different areas of the medicine branch as immunology, infectiology, microbiology, forensic medicine, public health, pathology, between others.

Likewise, has dedicated his efforts to demonstrate, throughout testing that, some technologies and/or techniques are not favorable for treatments of patients with biopolymers. These tests have been shared in the different medical congresses to create medical knowledge and in the social media for the knowledge of the public in general. This way, the patients receive information that allows them take the right decisions in the moment of choosing the proper technique to remove the biopolymers.

Prevention and awareness:

 Along these 19 years of action, Dr. Carlos Ríos has promoted prevention and awareness campaigns around the injections of illicit substances. Accordingly, he shows clinic cases of persons affected by the biopolymers with the purpose that the persons, hear about these stories, raise awareness and trace their own way in searching solutions of their problem. 

Besides, Dr. Carlos Ríos composes educational material with the collaboration of specialists to create content about food, exercises, medicines and all other kind of recommendations for the patients. 


Dr. Carlos Ríos has promoted the project to create a foundation dedicated to help the victims of the biopolymers. This project has the name of: Rebuilding Lives, in the initial stage of conformation.

However, through this foundation, prevention and awareness campaigns have been promoted to university students. With these actions the foundation grows in activities and can be accredited shortly as a foundation. 

Plastic Surgery and more:

Dr. Carlos Ríos dedicates many efforts approaching patients with biopolymers. However, carries out aesthetic procedures and plastic surgeries with extraordinary results.   

In this web portal you can check the list of surgical and non-surgical procedures that the Dr. Carlos Ríos carry through.