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¿What is the virtual consultation?

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Contact our contact points if you wish to obtain detailed information on procedures, evaluations and / or resolve doubts.


Calle 4ta # 35a-08 Barrio San Fernando Cali – Valle del Cauca, Colombia

Hours of Operation:

Lunes Viernes

8:00 a. M. – 6:00 p. M.


(+57) 310 331 4120

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¿What is the virtual consultation?

In the consultation Dr. Carlos will carry out a first interview; a questionnaire that is known as anamnesis. 

In it asks questions to know the patient’s symptoms, background and/or health problems or expectations, if the procedure they want is merely aesthetic. Also, with it will know his/her age, weight, and height, to calculate the body mass index. 

Following, he will request pictures or video of the area to treat, prior surgeries and other relevant background for this medical consultation. 

According to this, he will generate medical orders for diagnosis, personalized tests and/or prescribe medications if necessary. Also he will give some recommendations to strengthen his/her immune system, food, exercise, supplements. These recommendations are crucial before their possible surgery. 


After this first approach, if you continue with the process for the surgery, you will have the option of a second consultation to check the results of the exams. This second consultation will not have any charge and could be virtual or face-to-face at your arrival to Cali-Colombia. 


This virtual consultation is personalized, in such way your case will be studied individually. 

The virtual consultation is carried out by Zoom or Google Meet.